Grains and seeds

Woods Foods has access to 13,600 hectares of company-owned land in the fertile growing regions of southern Queensland and northern New South Wales, as well as an extensive network of growers and distributors.

Our year-round, consistent supply of high-quality grains and seeds includes Desi chickpeas, Kabuli chickpeas, faba beans, mung beans and sorghum, as well as chana dal (split chickpeas), mung dahl (split mungbeans) and faba bean splits.

Supported by our decades of agribusiness experience, we can help you select the right crops for your product needs. This, combined with our ability to offer spot-market pricing through to 12-month contracted pricing, means greater flexibility for you to respond to market conditions.

For even more uses for our quality pulses and sorghum, our range of Ultrapulse® and Sorgrain® flours, fibre and puffed products is ideal.


A staple food in many countries around the world, pulses, such as chickpeas, beans and lentils, are an inexpensive, environmentally-friendly and highly nutritional source of dietary proteins and amino acids. According to the United Nations, which has declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses, the addition of pulses to a healthy diet can help address obesity, and prevent and manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, coronary conditions and cancer.

Used extensively in the preparation and development of bakery goods, soups and snacks, pulses are ideal for both sweet and savoury applications.

The sustainability benefits of pulses are also good news for future generations. Their nitrogen-fixing properties can increase soil fertility, removing the need for additional fertiliser, and since they are grown under ‘dry land’ conditions using the water stored in the soil, they don’t have to rely on the scarce water resources from our dams and rivers.

Our range of ingredients includes:

  • Chickpeas – Desi
  • Chickpeas – Kabuli
  • Chickpeas – Chana Dal
  • Faba Beans – whole
  • Faba Beans – split
  • Mung Beans
  • Mung Dahl


A renowned ancient grain, sorghum’s health benefits make it one of the most highly consumed foods in the world. From chapatti and roti to tortillas, couscous, porridges, snack foods and alcoholic beverages, sorghum is used extensively throughout Asia, Africa and Central America.

A good source of natural antioxidants and protein, low in fat, gluten-free and allergen-free, sorghum is also high in resistant starch, has a low GI and essential vitamins and minerals.

Sorghum is also predominantly grown under ‘dry land’ conditions, playing a crucial role in maintaining farmers’ economic viability by providing a sustainable, cost-effective, non-GMO alternative summer crop to corn and cotton.

Our range of ingredients includes:

  • Red sorghum
  • White sorghum