About us

Woods Foods’ origins are in family-owned and operated company The Woods Group, which first started grain production in Australia’s fertile southern Queensland region in the early 1950s. The company’s focus on best practice farming techniques and innovation helped it to improve yields year-on-year and ensure the highest levels of quality and food safety.

After growing pulses and sorghum on its Billa Billa properties for more than 25 years, The Woods Group recognised the potential of these crops to help meet the changing dietary needs of modern consumers, and committed to bringing to market innovative processing techniques.

Woods Foods was formed in 2012 with the production of its signature UltraPulse® Chickpea Flour and now offers an expanded range of premium food ingredients, including grains and seeds, flours and fibres and puffed products.

From production and processing to marketing, distribution and export, we partner with food manufacturers, distributors and marketers across Australia and around the world to cater to growing markets, including those with low-fat, high-protein, gluten-free and allergen-free requirements.

Dedicated to supporting Australia’s ongoing agricultural development, we’re also a proud industry partner of the ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre for Functional Grains.

Angus Woods heads up Woods Foods’ team of agribusiness, agricultural science and nutrition specialists.

Angus is an experienced agribusiness professional with more than ten years’ experience at The Woods Group. Reflecting his commitment to Australian agriculture and his standing within the industry, Angus holds a dual Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Business Management degree from The University of Queensland.

More information about Woods Foods is available in this fact sheet.