Australian-grown pulses and sorghum are renowned across the world for their high quality and consistency of supply, and Woods Foods’ location in southern Queensland provides some of the best conditions for high-yield, export-ready crops.

With global food demands requiring a doubling of food production by 2050 (according to the United Nations), Woods Foods is in a prime position to provide international markets with nutritious and cost-effective food solutions.

Our focus on flexibility and specialisation is meeting the needs of international export markets across the Asia Pacific region, from New Zealand to South Korea, and we are looking to expand our export capacities substantially in the coming years. We’re dedicated to working closely with your team and relevant trade and export bodies to ensure full regulatory compliance and seamless delivery of product.

Our Woods Transport fleet of vehicles ensures your orders are delivered in full and on time. With daily deliveries to the Port of Brisbane and the capacity to export both 20 foot and 40 foot shipping containers, we take Queensland-grown goodness across Australia and around the world.

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